Change Of Plans

Like everyone else on the planet, things here have been disrupted.

Magic and Patrons

Just a short post on how sources of magic change the tone of magic in fiction and gaming.

Scrivener: Why?

Don’t knock on my door with your tracts and hard-sells. I don’t need to hear the good news of Scrivener.

Do The Work

This has nearly nothing to do with writing, and everything to do with gaming, math, and goofing off. But it’s still work!

The Victorian Internet

There’s valuable insight here for the generations growing up with the total connectivity of the modern Web.


Why not have another tool in the box, an trick arrow in the quiver?

Writing Begets Writing

In sitting down this week to write a Space Opera-y short story, I started generating a lot more non-fiction than fiction.

Do The Work

This has nearly nothing to do with writing, but it’s still work!

On Looking to the Past

My heart belongs to rockets and starships and thousands of worlds and tramp freighters and mighty fleets.


Son of a bitch; just keep writing!

Press Select

Aside: Select was a weird button on the NES controller.

Rituals Through Rejection

Writing. Publishing. Doing it all over again, one step after another. Refining my craft through practice and ritual.

Press Start

Think of blogging as my own web-version of Japan’s Lost Decade. And just like the Lost Decade, it lasted much longer than 10 mere years.


Motivation doesn’t come to me with actions. I’m motivated to stop taking an action, stop a habit, to not do.