Antisocial Media

My relationship with Facebook lasted around 7 years. My two bouts with Twitter were a combined 18 months. I’ve created and deleted a Mastodon account, 2015 saw a quickly-shuttered MeWe account. There’s a number of social media services. I’ve used most of them in the past. (At least, the non-video based ones. Being perpetually signed out from Google limits the usefulness of YouTube as a viewer, and makes being a content creator on the platform impossible. Instagram and TikTok never held any appeal.) I use none of them now. It’s not complicated.

It’s not just that social media is terrible (it is) or that it actively empowers corporations with proven track records of doing the Wrong Things (it does) or that it is a massive time suck (it is). The final drop that breaks the dam, that last straw, is fully on me and not any platform. If I’m not physically interacting with someone, meaning if we’re not sharing a meal, having a drink, getting coffee–hell, even just talking on the phone or via Teams–it’s hard for me to care.

About the Author

Eli Jones is a BI Developer and speculative fiction writer living in the Columbia Gorge.