• Like a book but digital

    From Kindle to Kobo and back; it’s almost too much for my poor little heart to take.

  • Antisocial Media

    I love the written word but attempting to tie its measured pace to the frenetic energy of now-now-now instant communication is dogshit.

  • No Comments

    No single question splits online denizens quite like “where do you stand on comments?”

  • Just Pick One Already

    Just pick one already. Pick one craft book. Study it. Follow all the steps, do the exercises. Learn it backwards and forwards and sideways.

  • And The Award Goes To

    Every person’s brain contains a tiny synapse that only fires when the phrase “award-winning” is picked up by the senses.

  • The Writing Process

    What’s worse: a new writer droning about their current writing method, or a new writer authoritatively stating their current method is best?

  • Find Those Markets

    I hear you asking “But where do I send my completed, properly formatted, proofread story?” I’m here to show you a couple tricks for finding markets.

  • Manuscript Format For Me & You

    It’s time to take everything I know about Manuscript Format (to give it the full respect it deserves, we capitalize) and share it with you.