Change Of Plans

Like everyone else on the planet, things here have been disrupted.

I’m in a place where my job hasn’t (yet) been declared non-essential. Even though I’m in community health, as a database admin I could do that job remotely. That hasn’t come up as an option.

There’s also people in higher-risk categories in my household. And the struggles of having twin toddlers with no day care options available, since we had a rotating stock of grandparents fulfilling that role. So much for that for the next week/month/45 days.

The upshot is there’s enough crisis events happening to fill my usually half-full schedule. Lots of things in the works for this site are on hold while I take care of my flesh and blood responsibilities.

Stay safe, stay smart, wash your hands, don’t take any shit from any conspiratorial weirdos, and fist-bump your loved ones.

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Eli Jones
Eli Jones is a spectulative fiction writer and data analyst living in the Cascadia Bioregion.