Select was a weird button on the NES controller. Like, toggling between menu items? Can’t we just use the D-Pad for that? But it seems like more games than I remember used Select, according to RacketBoy

There’s even games on the list I played the hell out of (Captain Skyhawk, A Boy and His Blog, Metroid) that I don’t remember actively using Select for anything. It became automatic, and then faded from memory as a useful button in my gaming youth.

The best items on the list are the games where Select pauses, because Start is being used to select a menu item, weapon, etc. Not even the developers knew how to use Select consistently!

The Wrong Customer

I’m coming around to the idea that “the wrong product” doesn’t exist, it’s that I’m the wrong customer for that product.

Rituals Through Rejection

Writing. Publishing. Doing it all over again, one step after another. Refining my craft through practice and ritual.


While trying to find issues of Legion of Super-Heroes that my eyes fell on a large box, featuring a purple sky and lines of barbed wire across the front. “BLITZKRIEG” it proclaimed in red letters.