We Don’t Talk About The Writing Process

What’s worse: a new writer droning about their method, or a new writer authoritatively stating their method is best?

I get it, though. Being a writer is hard work, but not in the sense that roofing, nursing, etc is hard work. Add maintaining a social media presense, a blog, and maybe sometimes actually writing? And if you don’t have a book to market, a course to shill, or a service to offer, you might as well talk about how you write. It’s easy! Just use all the usual points picked over by your critique group, other writers you follow on Twitter, or in whichever writing book you are currently reading. The world needs more folks expounding on the life-changing advice of write shitty first drafts! You only see this advice in writing. Can you imagine a baker stating a shitty first proof is OK; you’ll fix that loaf in the oven?

Let me read your novel, not the rote-step Risk game on how the words transfered from your head to the page. Where’s your bibliography on your Gothic romance, because that would be worth discussing both for readers and writers. Hell, give me “Top Ten Favorite Recipes from Fantasy Sagas” rather than “Medival Food and How To Describe It”.

You care about your progress. Awesome. No one else does. We don’t need updates on numbers of chapters this month, or how the revision process is going. Save that for your partner or other designated rant listener.

So we’re not going to talk about the writing process here. This ain’t no craft blog. Proceeds to write 100 craft posts.

About the Author

Eli Jones is a BI Developer and speculative fiction writer living in the Columbia Gorge.