Four Out of Twelve

A quick update: I have four completed short stories for the year, since June 28th. I didn’t write for large swaths of time, but that’s just an excuse. 2 are currently in a slush pile somewhere, one just came back in on a rejection, and one just got finished yesterday and is getting proofread as we write.

I also have 12 total rejections for the year. Maybe in 2020 I’ll get to 100 rejections, but I’ll really need to step up my game.

The goal for writing I had at the beginning of the year was “Write and submit something”. Well, I finished that, in the middle of the year, so I needed a new goal. “Write a new story every month”, I said. And failed that. August was a terrible month, September I started projects, October I plinked away, November saw almost no writing. So we’re almost halfway done with December, 16 days left in 2019, and I have 4 stories.

If I’m saying “new story every month” since June, then I needed to have 7 done by the end of the year. More than halfway! And with the abandoned stories I have (shiny syndrome, they aren’t unfixable, I just got distracted!), I could easily hit 3 more. But why not push myself?

I’ve determined already that next year I’m going to take however many stories I wrote in 2019 and 10x the number. So far I’m looking at 40 stories. That’s 1 every 9 days or so. But if I push myself, and hit 12 stories done this year, then I’m setting up 120 stories – one every 3 days! – in 2020. Go big, I say. Fail big. Sin boldly, as my old Greek professor encouraged us.

Seriously; if I can actually finish 8 more stories in 16 days, one every 3 days should be a piece of cake.

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Eli Jones
Eli Jones is a spectulative fiction writer and data analyst living in the Cascadia Bioregion.