A Few Days Late

I am lagging behind in my daily posting; turns out, watching twin toddlers for a weekend while my wife was gone did not leave much time for anything but household maintenance. It’s my own fault, and it did point to some holes I have in my schedule and daily routines. So far, I can handle a “normal” amount of stress, surprise appointments and other “life rolls”. However, a lot of that is either being able to depend on my wife being around for home based stuff and coworkers for that pesky office stuff. Monday I had neither option available. At first everything suffered, then I re-prioritized and decided I’d just be in Dad Mode that day. Work, other family commitments, a clean kitchen; those could wait until later.

The good news is, I’m back on track now, having cleared my one-day backlog of gobbledygook. I’m in a dry spell for fiction writing (it’s slow, it’s steady, it’s drips and drabs) but my gaming idea output is on its annual end of summer high. So fair warning, expect more gaming and less writing or self-improvement style updates.