On Time Research

I’m part of a fantasy basketball league this year, for the first time in my life. Way back during our draft, I did my research, had my draft queue set, knew the injury chances of my lineup, the whole nine. Apparently, the only thing I didn’t research is what the term Load Managed meant. I’m seeing now I have 8 of 12 players who are or want to be load managed. Whoops!

So, on time research. The first time I saw that phrase pop up, I should have Googled it. Taken 30 seconds and figured it out, then decided how much weight I would give that news in my draft lineup. It’s what I do with writing!

Currently I’m working on a semi-hard sf short story. Think firm sf, somewhere between The Expanse (kinda soft, really) and Attack Vector: Tactical (fairly hard sf). I had a spreadsheet set up beforehand, for the velocity, specific impulse, distances, all the details I needed to have taken care of.

What I didn’t have researched were all those little details that come up when you write into the dark. So those I look up as needed, under a timer. Do it quick! This is something cutting into writing time, and should be handled quickly. A job will take the amount of time assigned to it, so if I say “Research until you have an answer” I’d still be reading. If I say “Research for 4 minutes GO!” then I’m done in 4 minutes. Amazing what a time crunch can do.

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Eli Jones is a spectulative fiction writer and data analyst living in the Cascadia Bioregion.