Press Start

Piggybacking off my last post, this is a new blog, with a new focus, with an old(er) blogger behind it. I started blogging off and on back in 2003 with Blogger, then Typepad, then Wordpress. A whole mess of blogs, full of a young man’s rants at not being quite sure what he’s supposed to be doing. Think of this as my own web-version of Japan’s Lost Decade. And just like the Lost Decade, it lasted much longer than 10 mere years.

Lucky for you and me both, 80% of my output is lost to the mists of time. Not even the Wayback Machine has more than a pittance of my posts, and that suits me fine. I was angry then; I was focused on making others as uncomfortable as I felt. We have nothing to mourn there, and the damage I surely caused I have worked to undo (and apologize profusely to the objects of my ire). Having those digital records gone or at least buried in a non-shallow grave is a relief everyone with an internet connection.

My more recent attempts, less angry, less prone to fight, suffered from a lack of focus. Without being up in arms about something, what the hell was I doing? Blog ideas fell to the ground one after the other, no joy found anywhere. Role-playing games? No. Game design? Nada. Visual design? Haha, nope. Writing?

Well, writing. It’s a special thing. I was getting back into writing, coming off a Win for NaNoWriMo, and needing a “more productive” hobby. And yet, aside from a few exceptions, I don’t read author blogs. I don’t keep up with #writerscommunity, and furthermore, I hadn’t written anything! A NaNo novel, and nothing else. What could I have to say about writing? The lack of an answer to that question didn’t stop me, but it was a slog once again.

So what’s different this time? Focus. Or, embracing a lack of focus. See, this is a daily log not about my writing, but to refine my writing. And other projects. And to make me more mindful (alliteration!) around what I’m doing. So, shorter posts, more numerous posts, and a open approach to how and what I share online.

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Eli Jones
Eli Jones is a spectulative fiction writer and data analyst living in the Cascadia Bioregion.