I Flat Don’t Care

But when I sit down to write, I am telling myself a story and nothing more. If it doesn’t sell, I flat don’t care.

If it does sell, I flat don’t care.

If someone hates the story or me, I flat don’t care.

And an interesting thing about not caring, when a person is trying to get attention from me by badmouthing me, they tend to fade away quickly because, as I said, I flat don’t care.

I do the best I can with every story I write. That’s all I can do. Nothing more, nothing less.

And if I allowed critical voice to ever be around, writing would be no fun, so I just don’t.

One thing so many writers forget: This is entertainment. No one dies if a story doesn’t work or there is bad grammar on page seven. It’s entertainment and no one really cares.

Dean Wesley Smith