I always take the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day off from work. In the past, it was just to enjoy a nice holiday break, but for the last two years, I’ve been treating the week as preparation for the coming year. The general steps I take are:

  • Updating my passwords in my password database; I use KeePass. And yes, this means my global password changes. And the key file. Everything gets updated.
  • Purge, delete and close any online accounts I no longer use. Last year, this included things like my Google account, a handful of online games, and some forums I no longer visit. These accounts get burned to the ground, no recovery possible.
  • Take unused or unneeded items, including clothes and books, to Goodwill. This year I’m changing it up, attempting to sell some items on eBay. I have a scale and everything.
  • Schedule annual physical and dentist appointments. Maintain that healthy glow!
  • Check for any incomplete goals on my goal tracker, either complete them or end them. This one runs right into the final task:
  • Set new goals for the following year. Some are daily goals, others are monthly, quarterly, or have set end times in the year (generally either March 31 or September 30, just personal preference).

Starting in the next few days I’ll be going into more detail on these steps. This includes a postmortem, or a nicer term would be using a SWOT analysis, on the past year. This helps in crafting those new 2019 goals.

Plus, if I post the goals here, it’s another incentive to step it up and crush it in 2019.