Starting Small (But Still Starting)

Due to illness sweeping through all three generations at Casa ErrantWriter, I got off to a slow and very small start for my new habits. Some would say snail-paced and minuscule. But the important bit, the real key item, is that I started.

  • Three day blogging cycle: Check. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (I might even post something tomorrow!), and a short Quote post on Tuesday.
  • Early Rising: Not so much a check. When you have twin toddlers fighting colds, it’s less that you’re waking up early and more that you never went to sleep. Still, I managed to get up before my usual alarm of 6:15 on 2 days, and did some reading/self-care before anyone else was up.
  • 10K steps: No check. Average for the week is 7.6K a day, and only one day broke 10K. Some of this might be from not always having my phone with me (I don’t use a wearable, just the Health app on my iPhone), but I need to own the fact that I’m not walking enough.
  • 500 words a day of fiction: Haha, no. I wrote on Monday that I was already averaging 500 words a day. Then disaster in the form of rampant illness hit the house. Counting the 250 words I wrote today at lunch, I’ve written a total of…250 words this week. Climbing slowly back up on that horse.

1.25 out of 4 isn’t a passing grade, or a very good film, but it is better than 0 out of 4. And this is a work in progress: I’ll keep making progress as long as I do the work.