About Eli Jones

Eli Jones spent forty years reading what he wanted, when he wanted, how he wanted. He’ll spend the next forty years writing when, what, and how he wants.

Who is this man, anyway?

Many terms describe Eli Jones. Oregonian. Blazer fan. Technological curmudgeon. Voracious reader. Business intelligence developer. Student of history. Lapsed wargamer. Tough science fiction fan. Professional irritant.

A handful of sobriquets aren’t fit for print, while others just seem boastful. Dad is his favorite descriptor, with a close second being writer. He currently lives with his family in the Pacific Northwest.

Where else can you be found online?

There’s no other web presence, so don’t bother looking for a Twitter account, Meta page, or Substack newsletter. Anyone claiming to be me on those platforms is a goddamn liar.


  • Like a book but digital

    From Kindle to Kobo and back; it’s almost too much for my poor little heart to take.

  • Antisocial Media

    I love the written word but attempting to tie its measured pace to the frenetic energy of now-now-now instant communication is dogshit.

  • No Comments

    No single question splits online denizens quite like “where do you stand on comments?”

  • Just Pick One Already

    Just pick one already. Pick one craft book. Study it. Follow all the steps, do the exercises. Learn it backwards and forwards and sideways.

  • And The Award Goes To

    Every person’s brain contains a tiny synapse that only fires when the phrase “award-winning” is picked up by the senses.

  • The Writing Process

    What’s worse: a new writer droning about their current writing method, or a new writer authoritatively stating their current method is best?

  • Find Those Markets

    I hear you asking “But where do I send my completed, properly formatted, proofread story?” I’m here to show you a couple tricks for finding markets.

  • Manuscript Format For Me & You

    It’s time to take everything I know about Manuscript Format (to give it the full respect it deserves, we capitalize) and share it with you.