Author: Eli Jones

Eli Jones is a Science Fiction writer from the Pacific Northwest. When he's not creating data visualizations for his day job, you can find him testing testing the structural safety of playground equipment with his twins, conducting culinary experiments with his wife, and determining what exactly is Oregon's finest beverage.

Oh, and writing. Lots and lots of writing.

Nobody Cares

And knowing that, I’ve learned, is extremely freeing.

Scrivener: Why?

Don’t knock on my door with your tracts and hard-sells. I don’t need to hear the good news of Scrivener.

I Flat Don’t Care

…if I allowed critical voice to ever be around, writing would be no fun…

The Making of a Geek Part Two: Wargamin’

While trying to find issues of Legion of Super-Heroes that my eyes fell on a large box, featuring a purple sky and lines of barbed wire across the front. “BLITZKRIEG” it proclaimed in red letters.

Everything Is Fantastic

We have attempted to furnish an ample framework, and building should be both easy and fun. In this light, we urge you to refrain from writing for rule…